Salient is an excellent design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with Gantry 5, it is infinitely customizable, incredibly powerful, and remarkably simple.

Begonia_My_Special_Angel.jpg Angel Wing Begonia

Angel wing begonias are hybrid cane Begonias which resulted from a cross between Begonia aconitifolia and coccinea.The hybridization was made by California plant breeder Eva Kenworthy Gray in 1926.The name derives from their pointed leaves.
 Petunia_Sun_Spun_Pink_Ice.jpg Sun Spun Pink Ice Petunia

Blossoms into a lush, flower-filled plant that puts on a high-impact show all season with very little attention.

  • Tight, compact habit stays tangle-free on the bench.
  • Early to flower, fast to finish, quick to sell! 
  • Low energy-input crop is highly programmable for high-density,
    high-efficiency quart production. 
  • Perfect for premium pots and in hanging baskets