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SUNBURST TANGERINE $32.99 - Tree size is considered to be medium to large. This is a very attractive fruit on the tree that bears heavily and is red in color. Has few to many seeds and is considered to be the superior in the Tangerine family.


ORLANDO TANGELO $32.99 - Tree is medium in size with distinctly cupped leaves. Known to be less vigorous and cold tolerant than most. Fruit is medium to large in size and very early ripening. Has an orange rind and flesh.

owari_satsuma.jpg OWARI SATSUMA $32.99 - This is a superior fruit of the Mandarin family. It is a very cold hardy,slow-growing, and spreading tree with open dark green foliage. Tree is also considered thorn-less. Fruit is easy peeling and has few to no seeds and is actually considered a seedless fruit.
Satsuma_Brown_Select_Satsuma.jpg BROWN SELECT SATSUMA $32.99- A mid-season ripening fruit with good quality. Very easy to peel considered seedless with no thorns.
Persimmon_Tane-Nashi.jpg TANE-NASHI PERSIMMON $32.99 - The old standard.  Tree stays more rounded and thornless.  The fruit is more tear drop in shape.  The fruit is astringent, so it must be ripe and soft before picking.  More than likely this was the tree your grandparents had in their yard. 
sweet_native_persimmon.jpg SWEET NATIVE PERSIMMON $32.99 - This is the rootstock of the persimmon, also known as virginiana.  The tree grows very upright and has small ping pong ball sized fruit with seeds.  The fruit is astringent and great not only for human consumption, but also for deer and wildlife
Saruga_Persimmon_tree.jpg SURUGA PERSIMMON $32.99 - Very attractive tree with dark green foliage and thornless.  Fruit is smaller in size, and astringent.  A delicious piece of fruit as it has a higher sugar content than other varieties.  Some people like to eat as a frozen dessert.  
Persimmon_Fuyu.jpg FUYU PERSIMMON $32.99 -  The most popular of all Persimmon.  The tree is very beautiful with dark foliage.  Thornless.  Fruit is flat on blossom end. similar looking to a tomato.  Very unique, non-astringent, and will not be bitter.  When ripe it can be eaten crispy like you would an apple.
Navel_Washington.jpg WASHINGTON NAVEL $32.99
Considered to be the original and still the best navel variety. Tree size is medium to large in size with a round top and has a drooping habit. The fruit is large, flavorful, considered seedless, and appears to hold well on the tree. The fruit is also known to section and peel easily.
Orange_Red_Navel.jpg RED NAVEL $32.99 - The tree size is considered to be small to medium. The fruit is known for its red flesh. The fruit is large, flavorful, considered seedless, and appears to hold well on the tree. The fruit is also known to section and peel easily.
Orange_Hamlin_LA_Sweet.jpg HAMLIN (LOUISIANA) SWEET ORANGE $32.99 - This tree is considered to be medium to large in size, and usually produces a heavy annual crop. The sweet orange is also known to tolerate the cold. The fruit size is small to medium, usually seedless, and is also known to ripen early. The peel is very tender and is very juicy with low acidity.

ARBEQUINA OLIVE $32.99 -  A great all purpose tree not only for table olives, but also for olive oil.  Tree can also be used for landscape purposes as it has very attractive foliage.  This tree is very tolerant to cold, insects, and drought.  A great choice!

Mandarin_Ponkan.jpg PONKAN MANDARIN $32.99 - Tree is considered to grow upright and is small to medium in size. The Mandarin has very attractive dark green leaves. The fruit is medium size and easy to peel. The fruit also has seeds but the flavor is excellent quality.
Mandarin_Clementine.jpg CLEMENTINE MANDARIN $32.99 - The Clementine is small to medium in size with dense foliage that tends to form a weeping habit. This mandarin is red and orange in color, peels easily, and has few to many seeds.
Loquat_Gold_Nugget.jpg GOLD NUGGET LOQUAT $32.99 - This tree can be large, vigorous, and tends to grow upright. The fruit is round, with deep orange skin and a yellow orange flesh. Also known to ripen late and have a sweet to tart flavor.
Kieffer_lime.jpg KIEFFER LIME $32.99 - This tree is medium in size and is known more for its foliage than its fruit. This unique two-staged leaf is very attractive and often used in thai cooking as an extra flavor of spice.
Lime_Persian.jpg PERSIAN LIME $32.99 - A medium spreading tree that bears fragrant blossoms and shiny fruit all year in cooler climates. Contains few thorns and is very cold tolerant. The fruit is medium to small in size and is very juicy. Usually is picked green and is yellow when mature; does not hold well on the tree.
Lime_Thornless_Key.jpg THORNLESS KEY LIME$32.99 - This is a medium but twiggy tree with a dense top and small leaves. It is very frost sensitive with very small and juicy fruit. Also known as the "bartenders lime" due to its popularity to be mixed with so many types of alcohol. Usually picked when green and turns yellow when mature.
Lemon_Meyer.jpg IMPROVED MEYER LEMON $32.99 - Fruit is known to have thin skin and juicy. Also is considered to be mild and crossed with an orange explaining the trees rounded top. Perfect for pies and lemonade, and is very unique in that it will bear multiple crops per season. Tree is considered to be small to medium in size.
Lemon_Lisbon.jpg LISBON LEMON $32.99 - The tree is large, thorny, and stands upright with dense foliage. The flowers and new growth when appearing tend to have a purple tint. Fruit is medium in size and best picked when ripened; also tends to over ripen quite easily.
Lemon_Eureka_Variegated_Pink.jpg EUREKA VARIEGATED PINK LEMON $32.99 - This tree is smaller in size with small thorns.  It has a very attractive variegation on both foliage and fruit.  Fruit is medium in size with pink flesh.
Kumquat_Nagami.jpg NAGAMI TART KUMQUAT $32.99
A very cold tolerant tree with small dark green leaves and very fine branches. Fruit holds well on the tree with a smaller and more oval shape. This particular fruit is used primarily for canning.
Kumquat_Meiw_A_Sweet.jpg MEIW A SWEET KUMQUAT $32.99 - The tree is small to medium in size with smaller leaves and is very tolerant to the cold. The fruit holds well on the tree, is small, and has a round shape; known to be very good to eat fresh off of the tree.
Grapefruit_Red.jpg RED GRAPEFRUIT $32.99 - The tree is large in size and is known to be cold tolerant. The flesh and rind of the fruit has a crimson tinge. Also ripens midseason and holds well on the tree.
celest_fig_tree.jpg CELESTE FIG - Tree is medium in size bearing fruit of excellent quality. The fruit has very thin delicate skin. It's most popular for fresh eating and cooking.
brown_turkey_fig.jpg BROWN TURKEY FIG  - Tree size is medium and is similar to the Celeste but is more tolerant to cold weather. The fruit is of good quality.
Calamondin.jpg CALAMONDIN $32.99 - The tree is small in size with fine branches, and oval leaves. Known to be very productive and cold tolerant. The fruit is very small, tender, and known to bear sour to most people.
Avocado_Lila.jpg LILA AVOCADO $36.99- This fruit is green when ripened unlike the black/purple Hass.  It is becoming more popular for being more cold tolerant.  Fruit holds well on the tree.
 joey_avocado.jpg JOEY AVOCADO $36.99- This fruit is black/purple when ripened like the Hass.  It is becoming more popular for being more cold tolerant.  Fruit holds well on the tree.
Avocado_Hass.jpg HASS AVOCADO $36.99 - This is the most superior of the Avocado varieties. The fruit, when ripened, is purple in color and small in size with small bumps on its skin. This variety is the most popular throughout the entire world, and is best know for its use in making guacamole.